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Some categories by their very definition are environmentally friendly and therefore we do not need to apply the Green Barometer to their product or service particularly.

For instance, company listing in the Green Business category are obviously green. Therefore to make sure that these companies are truly green the questions asked of them relate to how sustainable the company is in their day to day operations.

In the every day running of the business :

  • only retails products that are environmentally friendly for sustainable living?
  • use minimal, sustainable packaging for items purchased from our company
  • N/A
  • conserve energy through use of CFLs and other energy saving devices and practices?
  • reuse paper and envelopes where possible, including using paper printed on one side for draft printing or for internal documents
  • conserve natural resources, such as water, forests, etc.
  • use only environmentally friendly cleaning practices
  • N/A
  • have an inclusive waste management system in place
  • encourages employee-based green initiatives (carpools, etc.)
  • encourages green practices with our vendors
  • buy recycled products for the business so as to minimise usage of natural resources
  • Use mugs or glasses for beverages rather than disposable cups
  • Separate all recyclables and recycle locally
  • Turn off PCs and network printers when not in use and every evening
  • Use electricity from a green electicity provider
  • Additional Information :

  • (Hide This) is one of Ireland's leading BER assessments & certification companies, having completed in excess of 120 assessments. prides itself on being an independent BER solutions provider to our clients. provide our service to both professional clients (builders, developers, auctioneers, solicitors, state agencies etc.) as well as to one off house clients.

    This listing appears in the following categories :
    Green Business (93), Sustainable Building (1840)