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Eco Friendly Sex

November 13th, 2008 by   (View Author Profile)

Eco Happy Couple IrelandWhile sex with the right and indeed sometimes the wrong partner can be earth shattering, it doesn′t take much effort to make it earth friendly.

There are plenty of fun and easy ways to green up our sex lives  without having to sacrifice any of the pleasure or spontaneity.  Here are some simple and green options well worth trying.

Green Sex toys
According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, 30% of Irish people have used sex toys at one time or another.  Silicone or hard plastic is the better option in terms of toxicity.  A good source for these fun items is 

Eco friendly Lubricants
48% of Irish people have had sex using a lubricant.  The sustainable option here is water based as opposed to petroleum.

Earth Friendly Condoms
If using condoms, latex is the way to go.  While it isn′t established whether they are biodegradable or not, they are the best preventative against STDs.  Sheepskin condoms are ineffective against STDs and polyurethane are non biodegradable.

Natural Aphrodisiacs
There are tons of natural aphrodisiacs available from gingko biloba, ginseng to kava kava root and horny goat weed.  We all need one of those.  Check out your local health shop.

Organic Gifts
Chocolate is a recognised aphrodisiac and a simple way to make somebody feel special. Why not try some fair-trade chocolate available in lots of local supermarkets.  A bottle of organic wine can also set the mood. Vendomia carry a good selection. They are all European sourced so there is no unnecessary mileage involved, thus  keeping one′s carbon footprint to a minimum.  Vendomia  wines are available at

Natural Bed Linen
What could be better than a tumble between organic cotton sheets except perhaps bamboo sheets which are supposed to be the ultimate in texture.  These can be sourced at the Dublin based company

Eco Friendly Undies
Looking sexy is one thing but feeling sexy is the ultimate turn on.  Try some natural underwear next time you are buying undies with that special someone in mind.

Energy efficient sex
Showering together is a great way to save energy however it′s better to hit the bed when things get steamed up or all that energy saved will be for nothing.

Finally, if you can line up an environmentally friendly sexual partner, you will put a smile on mother earth′s face as well as your own.

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