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Who or what is convincing companies to go green?

December 10th, 2008 by   (View Author Profile)

green-euro.jpgWhat should you do if you want companies to go green?

Demand it, of course.

It’s a strategy that makes perfect sense, given that companies themselves say consumers are the biggest drivers of the sustainability changes they’re willing to make.  In a recent study conducted by Ernst & Young and reported on by Mary Hunt at In Women We Trust, executives from the finance, consumer goods and manufacturing industries acknowledged that consumer demand was a far greener “carrot” than environmental regulation, legislation, or competition, among other factors.

GreenMe are not in the least bit surprised, our mantra has always been pro business in a responsible, ethical way but realistic way.  There is absolutely no reason why all endevours can not live happily side by side!!

This acknowleges how much power we, the consumer really have! Great isn’t it!

So come on lets exercise this power and get our euro to go a little greener!!

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