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Juicy fruits for 2009

January 12th, 2009 by   (View Author Profile)

If ever there was a time to try raw food, then early January has to be theneantog-book.jpg time folks! Maybe you got a juicer for christmas, or maybe you’ve been eyeing one in the sales. But now is the time.

Juicing is a quick, easy, supertasty, uber-fresh way to get the best possible vitamin hit into you. Another thing the world of juicing opens up to you is very practical way to avoid food waste, whether its in the ‘reduced to clear’ parts of the supermarkets or the dark backcorners of your own presses. Jucing is just one of the raw food options out there.

You could buy Gaby Wielands cookbook from the Organic Centre’s website. Cook is a bit of a stretch for this book at times, as it is a book with plenty of raw recipes.

It may be hard to keep it local with juicing this time of year, but Irish organic carrots are one of the most affordable organic staples, and are available right now. That’s a great base to work from, with yummies like apple, ginger, wheatgrass etc. Happy juicing!

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