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Children, food and health – help is at hand!

March 24th, 2009 by   (View Author Profile)

It can often be hard to find objective information on children, health andrb_logo_shrunk.png food. Much of the info is either UK-based and thus relatively useful but not specific to Ireland, or its fairly generic nutrition info from organisations like INDI. What’s a parent with young kids to do?
Guess what? There is a small organisation who have a similar ethos to the UK’s Food Commission, but who are based in County Clare. They have a slightly strange name – Red Branch – but have a great, fearless food ethos.

Check out their resources, tips etc. When there recently, I discovered that Irish children consume the greatest amount of of so called soft drinks in the EU – 63% consume at least one a day.

Red Branch will come into your child’s school and help out with various healthy food initiatives, including initiating school fruit breaks.

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