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Is green food more expensive?

May 7th, 2009 by   (View Author Profile)

Classic reasoning suggests that organic food is more expensive to produce and buy than so called main stream food.  But is it?
If you look at the strict production costs then yes, on average, organic food costs about 10 -15% more to produce.

But, that is not the whole story because you have to consider the side effects as well.

For did you know that the average Irish person consumes 7 kg of preservatives and additives each year?  In fact it takes human beings longer to decompose when they die because of all the preservatives and additives in their bodies!

Many of these chemicals have been shown to cause illnesses and diseases because the body has great difficulty in breaking them down.  As they are ‘foreign’ invaders the body often attacks them and this can cause illnesses such as Cancer.  These illnesses then have Health Service costs that far outweigh the alleged savings produced by using chemicals to produce the food.

These additives and preservatives are not healthy either in a person or in the land where they inevitably end up.  For when you die you yourself could become a source of environmental pollution as all the preservatives and additives in your body slowly seep into the land.  Quite a thought isn’t it?

So don’t become a source of environmental pollution and at the same time save the country money!  Spend a bit more money at the till now and buy green and then it won’t cost you so much later on when your health suffers!  And when you die you can rest easy knowing that you didn’t end up as a source of toxic waste and pollution.

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