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How to lose weight & save money!

June 20th, 2009 by   (View Author Profile)
From: The Rubbish Diet

From: The Rubbish Diet

We’re talking rubbish, here, folks!

In particular, how to make yoghurt plastic tubs disappear with a little ‘pixie dust’ — about which, more in a minute.

The small bag  pictured here, weighing just 128 g, is  pretty impressive: it’s all the rubbish that one English family threw out in one week.  Admittedly, it took them time and effort to reduce their rubbish to this small amount  — not least, becoming familiar with all the different types of plastic that can (and can’t) be recycled.

The whole weight-reduction story is told in their blog, The Rubbish Diet — well worth reading for tips on how to get rid of rubbish.

That final bag of persistent rubbish, which could  only be binned, contains “the tops of [some] takeaway containers, a few ice lolly wrappers, a foil lined plastic blister pack and some yoghurt top lids as well as some scrunched up yellow tape”.

It was the yoghurt tops that caught my eye.

Because I’ve a very simple, and money-saving way to make those disappear.  It needs only some probiotic ‘pixie dust’ . . . and in a few hours you can turn milk into yoghurt (see the foolproof recipe here).

It’s dead easy — I do it while having breakfast — and best of all, it will even save you money: homemade yogurt is half the price of commercial stuff, and because it has fewer ingredients, it has fewer ‘food miles’ as well.

Plus, what could be nicer than always having a big bowl of fresh, organic probiotic yoghurt ready in the fridge.

And, if you like that, I have a 101 tips for saving time, money and resources in my new book, Drive like a Woman, Shop like a Man.

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